Hang-up to Input Form! Rather than a Manual

Monday, April 2, 2012

A 'Workflow system' and the 'Work Manual' are like two sides of the same coin. Both of them are closely related, and never can be separated. In other words, we may say 'Workflow system' is a realization of the 'Work manual'.

Sometimes people who planning to develop a workflow system ask us, 'which should I design first, the Work manual or the Workflow?'. Our answer is 'simultaneously'.

A Status that Work Manual will be prepared only by printing out "Flow Diagram" and "Input Form"
That is ideal.

But, some ingenuity will be needed when engaging workers speak in diverse languages. 'Translation' is the one of typical Workflow.
In the following 'Translation flow', the Work procedure is expressed only by ' Screen composition of the Input form' and 'simple English word'. To create separate Manual will be nonsense anymore.

[Translation Flow (+Website Update)]

This Workflow covers five pattern as following. Not only all the operational results are recorded, also it enables translators themselves to start translating operation which is not requested yet but it should be.
  1. Translate Japanese into English.
  2. Translate Japanese statement into English, furthermore into Spanish.
  3. Voluntarily Translate Japanese statement into English.
  4. Voluntarily Translate Japanese statement into English, furthermore into Spanish.
  5. Voluntarily Translate English statement into Spanish.
And in each pattern, translators can make a choice if they flow [Website updating task] to Web master or not.

[Translation Flow (+Website Update) : "3. EN to ES" screen]

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