Reflection Workflow Changes Failures into Assets

Monday, March 26, 2012

Human beings fail...
Failure teaches success...

Anyway, every time you failed, reflect on it. Try hard to prevent recurrence.

Seriously, "Cases of Failure" are 'very important knowledge' for a company. Who and how made the mistake? To share the 'facts' and maintain them to be referred anytime. It doesn't mean to blame a person for the mistake, but to make it a good teacher for not to make the same mistake again.

When the time you looking back a year, or new comer comes, or at the time changing Workflow, it should be good to hold a "looking back Mistakes and Failures meeting".

[Reflection Report flow]

What I like in this Workflow Definition (Process Model) is that Employee A who started the Process can designate Employee B who 'Add & Edit Reflection Report'. Even the Boss her/himself can start the Process as Employee A to let her/his people (Employee B) to write Reflection report.

After Employee A and B finish writing Report, a Task of [3. Advice on Report, Serious Failure to Executive] will be offered to "Leader" of "Organization" which they belong to. If Employee A and B belong to the same Organization, their Boss is naturally be the same.

By the way, there must be the case that people other than the Boss would like to leave comments.
One considers together recurrence prevention on "other person's failure" taking it as her/his own. Or regret together that failure could be prevented.

When you have feelings like this, post comments associated to Process ID in "In-house SNS feature". When "looking back Mistakes and Failures meeting" would be held one year later, various thing would be discovered.

[Reflection Report flow [2. Add & Edit Reflection Report] screen]

[Permission setting screen]

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