Payment Confirmation Requires Human Processing

Monday, March 19, 2012
There is a service of 'notification' by email whenever paid into your bank account. But the 'notification' data is not enough at all, for unmanning task of checking invoices to match the payment (Clearing) .

Well, actually it is true that there are many cases of payment confirmation that needs flexible judgment by human, such as 'the phone number of payer' is different than registered, etc. So, it is righteous to put more manpower for checking task. It still is future story, that API connecting to bank account.

But, however,
Yet, we want improve this Clearing task anyhow even a bit. Still too much waste. More than that, to prevent mistakes, omissions and leakage is important. Now, let's think about it.

We would like to think it is problem of business process, rather than blaming the personnel in charge.

[Payment Confirmation flow]

The Workflow above is a Payment Confirmation flow for 'Fee required Event'.
'Application' is able to be done on internet. There are some ways to make the payment, bank transfer or PayPal, etc. The secretariat always want to scrub from list of unpaid whenever the payment is confirmed, and want to update the list of Paid or Unpaid.

In this sample, 'Form' of Google Docs is used for acceptance on the Web site. Whenever there is a entry to web form, data will be transmitted from Google to Workflow. And the Workflow (of course Questetra) will launch new process which "Name of applicant"is set as its title.
* Need Google Apps Script setting (see below)

Right after Workflow launches the process, 1. a 'Accepted notification email' will be sent to the applicant. Later, right after when the accounting personnel 2. confirm the payment, 3. a 'Thanks Email' will be sent.

By the way, we would be better publish and include an "ID for Accepting application" in 'Accepted notification email' sent to the applicant. It will make it easy to check the corresponding process data with those ID, for example, queries on the phone. To make publishing "ID for Accepting application" a little more complex, the number is made out by connecting 'Managing ID in the Workflow (Process ID)' and 'Sequential number unique in the Process (four digit process sequential number)'. (The number will be generated automatically at the time the process is launched.)

Initial value of n "ID for Accepting application": #{processInstanceId}#{#sformat('%04d', processInstanceSequenceNumber)}
(e.g.: 9130012)

By the way this setting will help you to immediately respond to phone calling that saying 'I'm Suzuki, and I have ID number 9130012...' That is, process data can be found not only by the name of applicant, also by the process ID.

<Display sample of [My Tasks] in Questetra BPM Suite>
Title: Suzuki Ichiro  ProcessID: 913

There still is a lot of 'room for ingenuity' even in simple Clearing task.

[Payment Confirmation flow [2. Payment Check & Clearing] screen]

[Process Data Setting screen]

[Email Setting screen]

***Sample of Google Apps Script for sending entered data to Questetra.***

function startWorkflow(e) {
var longurl = "";
var payload = "processModelInfoId=YYY&nodeNumber=ZZZ&key=ABCDEFG";
payload += '&title=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[1]);
payload += '&data[1].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[2]);
payload += '&data[2].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[3]);
payload += '&data[3].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[6]);
payload += '&data[4].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[7]);
payload += '&data[5].input=' + encodeURIComponent(e.values[9]);
var params = {
method: 'post',
payload: payload
UrlFetchApp.fetch(longurl, params);
} catch (ex) {
MailApp.sendEmail("", "script error", ex.message);

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