Workflow to Cut 80% of the Cost of Administrative Processing on Expense Reimbursement

Monday, March 12, 2012
Even abstruse business processes, can be understood by anyone looking at the flow chart of the business(flow diagram)!

Among variety of 'Flow diagram writing', the advantage of "BPMN, method of drawing Workflow" is people can understand just by looking at it even they don't know the word of BPMN.

Recently, not only for companies but, even in government agencies and voluntary organizations, the case of to take advantage of BPMN to review business has been increasing rapidly. It is well-received for "easy to learn to work" to newcomers such as rookies and personnel reshuffling. It is quite reasonable to give priority to BPMN than business manual.

1. Draw in BPMN to exactly share in-house, even if it was a simple business process.
2. Build information system by using defined BPMN. (BPM tool)
3. Furthermore improve business process based on the results of operation of the information system.

By the way, surprisingly it is difficult to operate business process which need to be "in conjunction with paper". Here, we would like to think about "Expense Reimbursement Application" which typical of those 'business in paper'.

※ BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation (1.x) / Business Process Model and Notation (2.0 and later)
Rules of notation for visualizing business procedures easy-to-understand showing in the drawing. A modeling method that is effective to describe 'series of business process' which multiple human (or machine) involved. It has the feature such as 1. Can be understood at first sight by the people who are not IT engineer, 2. Directly related to system implementation. Fundamental technology of Business Process Management tool. We are using BPMN method in "Workflow Sample" that providing template of business flow.

[Expense Reimbursement flow_Digital Receipt]

In these days, what we discuss on "Expense Reimbursement Application" is how much you stick to 'actual receipt'? That is, taking advantage of "degitalized receipt file" which created with a camera on your mobile phone, or by scanning , reduces 'processing cost' and increases searchability.

Considering calmly, it is quite a remnant of last century that to printout receipt of travel expense which arranged on internet, and then accounting department personnel input manually. In the first place, receipt of travel expense for short-range is not required. "Discussion on in conjunction with paper" ends up in the company's policy that how much you trust the applicant.

Now we would like to suggest you to change the business rule to submit receipt less than 100,000 yen in ''digital file. The business cost paid on Expense Reimbursement workflow will be largely improved. Application during transportation on smartphone one after another will relieve you from gloomy work in the end of month.

In the Workflow definition above, 'each payment record' is transmitted through Message Throwing Intermediate Event. It is good that data to be sent to the 'core system' of course, it also is good to be sent to 'another process' which authorized only for Financial Department to browse. If you use BPM suite skillfully, you will no longer need even the 'core system'.

[Expense Reimbursement flow_Digital Receipt [1. Application (up to 5 at a time)]  ]

[Setting Screen for Intermediate Message Throwing Event]

[Aggregation Reimbursement]

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