Reviewing Accelerates Reuse Deliverable?

Monday, July 4, 2011
Writing proposal, creating web content, drafting press release, making business report... Any document should be reviewed, and it is important to make it a habit. One who done the job gets a chance to be advised form a third party perspective.

In the following workflow model, workers ask to be reviewed each every time on their deliverables such as proposal. He may designate his boss or coworker as a reviewer.

1. Review Request, 2. Action, 3. Confirmation

[All-purpose Review Request: "3. Confirmation" screen]

  • Title(text)
  • Request to(user)
  • CC address(string)
  • Complete until(date)
  • Detail(string)
  • Correspondent(discussion)
  • Files(file)
Actually the workflow model above is exactly the same structure of "All-purpose Request Flow. If you already have applied "All-purpose Request Flow", you will soon get used to "All-purpose Review Request Flow" as well.

This workflow is not only to make easy to designate and ask for reviewing, will always be able to find deliverables of past. And "The most complete deliverables" will be referred many times as knowledge.

Instead of completing deliverables secretly, to create a culture of being reviewed open and proudly, I want you to operate "All-purpose Request Flow" and "All-purpose Review Request Flow" together. For knowledge sharing...

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