Example; BPO Service Company Proposes Flow Improvement

Monday, July 25, 2011
Let's talk about Business Process Outsourcing.
Even if there is a centralized organization responsible for specific tasks within the group companies, may say that is outsourced.

Now a days, not only Information Technology department and Call Center sector, but also General Affairs and Accounting department be outsourced. It's a very rational way of thinking that each company does "specialized"job. But in the real scene, it's not only few cases that you want to be done in-house. We often feel dissatisfied with "speed" or "quality", not "cost"

However, what if company that provides BPO services made full use of BPM system, and successively got closer to what customer demand? What if they could suggest improvement in the monthly meetings, and revise Workflow at the day by using "Workflow diagram"?

To make it simple, we inquire into a Workflow of outsourcing General Affairs to make Business cards.

1. Business Card Request, 2. Approval, 3a. Undertake, 3b. Q & A, 4. Completion Report, 5. Completion Confirmation

[Business Card Order "3a. Undertake" screen]

  • Title (string: Name on Business card)
-Name Card Info-
  • Assignment (string)
  • Name Chn-characters (string)
  • Name alphabet(string)
  • Email Address (string)
  • Qualifications etc. (string)
  • Approver (user)
  • Approval necessary? (select: yes/no(Email notice))
  • Approve? (select: yes/no)
  • Undertaker Question (select: yes/no)
  • Completed? (select: Complete/Redo)
  • Question (string)
  • Answer (string)
  • Correspondent (discussion)

In the example above, a company that provides Internal Affairs Service (BPO services) checks their work when they receives work order (request to create a business card), and report their undertaking if there were no problem.(Task [3a. Undertake]) And after all goes to [4. Completion Report]

But in this Workflow, "the way Progress" is invisible. If the first work order unfortunately contains a typo, a lot of business cards with typos will be delivered. If they encounter such a situation, as a BPO services providing company, they should propose to add a task of confirmation. That is to ensure against who ordered "Is it OK with this image file?" If they continued to propose such "small improvements", satisfaction of who ordered will be dramatically increase.

1. Business Card Request, 2. Approval, 3a. Undertake, 3b. Q & A, 4. Intermediate Report, 5. Intermediate Confirmation, 6. Completion Report, 7. Completion Confirmation

<Added Items>
Intermediate Confirmation (select:OK/NG)
Image file (file)

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