Watching Business Negotiation over Cloud

Monday, July 18, 2011
At this moment, 'how many' estimates that not expired been presented?
At right this moment, 'how much' expected total sales that probability counted will be.
What Is 'current status' of the XXX case?
How much is the 'latest estimate' of the YYY case?

Sales-related information is essential for management decisions and business policy decisions. Sales support system of today (SFA) can visualize sales-related information in "real time". Especially, managing on the line (cloud computing) means a lot. For example, it is possible to find an estimate submitted in the past anytime anywhere. You will never present different estimate to the same customer.

But if "Estimating process" or "Order accepting process" can be defined itself, Business Process Management system (BPM) can accumulate "Sales-related information". (Furthermore, it will be connected into "Production process".)

0. Lead, 1. 1st Contact, 2. Proposals, 3. Estimate, 4. Order

[Lead-Estimate : "2. Proposals" screen]

  • Title (string)<XX.Co.Inc>
-Client Info-
  • Company Email Address (string)
  • Sales in charge (user)
  • Company zip & Address (string)
  • Contact Position (string)
  • Contact Name (string)
  • Contact Phone (string)
  • Contact Email Address (string)
  • Approver Position (string)
  • Approver Name (string)
  • Approver Phone (string)
  • Approver Email Address (string)
  • Other Participant (string)
  • Via Partner? (select:Direct sales/Via Partner)
  • Name Partner (string)
  • Share? (select:Send email/Do not share)
  • Record (discussion)
-Contact info-
  • 1st Contact (select:to [Proposals]/Retry/Broke)
  • Proposals (select: to [Estimate/Retry/Withdraw])
  • Estimate (select:to Order/Holding/Missed)
  • Expect Quantity (numeric)
  • Amount Listed (numeric)
  • Probability (numeric)
  • Expected Date (date)
  • Estimate Type (select:SaaS/Customized/Other)
  • Estimate File (file)
  • Summary (string)

This business process (Workflow) is very simple. Because case status prescribes sales person what to do. Just imagine that each sales person floats those cases which being in stages of 1.2.3, to the next stage as down stream. Client's information would be added as the stage goes up. So the accuracy of "probability of contract" or "forecast of contract" will be updated along the stages.

By the way, there are communications like between team leader or other section. But we didn't force to design "irregular process" in this sample. Because "prior consensus" or "consultation" would be done on In-house Micro-blogging.

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