"Translating Process", Called from Here and There

Monday, July 11, 2011
  In some company, task of Translation occurs in "department here and there". Such as translating "Web Site" or "materials for presentation" or even "Notes that printed directly on the product"... In this situation, translation team will respond to requests from many departments. And then "Translation Flow" doesn't belong to any particular department.

  In the process of maturation of Business Process Management, they often make certain process into common task (into Service). This translation team is now an organization that provides "In-house translation service".

  The following Workflow model is an example of English-Japanese translation that is assumed to be called from business process of several departments.

0. Manuscript/Nomination, 1. Nomination, 2. Translation, 3. Review

[English-Japanese Translation[1. Nomination] screen]

  • Title (text)
  • Priority (numeric)
  • Nomination (user)
  • Completion sent to (user)
  • Original Manuscript (string)
  • Email Address Completion sent to(string)
  • Preferable Finished by (date)
  • Files (file)
  • Translation (string)
  • Corespondent (discussion)
  • Review (user)
  • Control(select: Renomination/Review/Complete)

  When the Task [1. Nomination] called from outside process, only [Text Source] is indispensable, and items [Priority], [Preferred Date],[Email Address],[Nomination],[File] are optional.
If you could make translation as "a Service", the knowledge of terminology is shared, and fluctuations of terms were reduced, and quality and efficiency would increase.

<Auto-respond set-up>

   By the way, the term of "Service" may remind you automation computing such as "Modifying customer info" or "Inventory reference". Truly, in the concept of system design called "SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture)", each business operations are called "Service", and many business software are put into it. But with original SOA concept, human operations could be "Services."

   Furthermore, in some case of translation, communications between translator and the client are necessary, such as confirming meaning of a sentence or suggestion for free translating. For those communication that is not really necessary to send back the Workflow, many people use On-line Chat, but we recommend "Micro-blogging Workflow integrated" which records the communications automatically.

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Questetra: Micro-blog has Installed for Accelerating Workflow
-Newly Equipped Enterprise Social Network Service in Version 8 of BPM System-
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