Something Comes Into View Out Of Flow Even From Simple Requests

Monday, June 27, 2011
Operating Workflow system, jobs come in through workflow one after another. From your supervisor or Web form, or registered on the clock. Workers give them priority then deal with them untiringly.
But now, how do you deal with jobs that don't know how to be handled. it occurs often... However, we hesitate to thrust jobs into the flow by email or oral.

The following Workflow model is very simplified "All-purpose Request Flow". And it's also convenient to experience Workflow system. It helps to request 1 on 1. Specifically, in those situations.

  • [Execution Request] Please review on document A.
  • [Execution Request] Please answer to Mr.C about subject B.
  • [Consideration Request] I think it's time to execute idea D. Please give a consideration on it.
  • [Consideration Request] We should correct an expression on the web site as "AAA". Please consider on it.
Tru ly, this Workflow model is very important to the theme of "Discovering undefined Workflow". Just because it is undefined, we apt to tell requests by email or oral. Eventually, there will be no record of the job. "No sight, no improvement"
And you find a job often comes on the record of "All-purpose Request", you should start defining it as a workflow.

1. Request, 2. Action, 3. Confirmation

[All-purpose Request: "3. Confirmation" screen]


  • Title(text)
  • Request to(user)
  • CC address(string)
  • Complete until(date)
  • Detail(string)
  • Correspondent(discussion)
  • Files(file)

It is not easy to find relations of request in a company. As a matter of fact, the most obstacle to a company which promotes Business Process Management is "Hearing Costs". Much more time is spent on hearing on people concerned, such as accounting, general affairs, sales, and over again on accounting...than designing Workflow model.
*Questetra recommend to design Process model by worker himself, but for the beginners it's also difficult.

However, if every each request occurs in a company was made on [All-purpose Request Flow], relations were captured, and "the Cain of Request (Workflow)" is derive from the records. We do suggest this for both beginers and vetrans of Workflow system.

By the way, thinking a case that someone who requested something wants to pass it away to other peson, the following Workflow model is convenient.
It may look little bit complecated, but it is more useful. (Person in charge changes in the Swim lane whenever the Task [2. Action] is repeated.)

1. Request, 2. Action, 3. Confirmation