The Way Multilingual Translation Should Be

Monday, June 20, 2011
Even gained the support of machine translation, human "translation" is necessary to some extent.

Translation does not end when translated meaning of a sentence, it also requires various "conversion process", such as change URL of web site in each language, or alteration on web purchase process for region and countries. (Manuals, Press release, FAQ, blog, fault information etc.)
For a global company, translators who understand circumstances throughout the company are indispensable. So we want to visualize "work" and "flow of work" for an employee in childcare or a retiree can join as "a telecommuter"

1. Translation Request, 2. Review, 3. Questions, 3de. Translate into de, 3fr. Translate into fr, 3es. Translate into en, 3.ja. Translate into ja, 4zh. Translate into zh, 4ko. Translate into ko, 5.Confirmation

[Multilingual Translation : "3. Questions" screen]

  • Subject
-Original Draft Information-
  • Translated Until(date)
  • Request Approved by(user)*blank if approval or review is not necessary.
  • Original Draft(string: text box 3lines)
  • File Original Draft(file)
  • Translate Into(select: en/fr/de/sn/zh/ko)
-Translation Information-
  • Translation in zh(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in zh(file)
  • Translation in Ko(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in ko(file)
  • Translation in en(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in en(file)
  • Translation in fr(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in fr(file)
  • Translation in de(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in de(file)
  • Translation in es(string: text box 3lines)
  • Translation in es(file)
  • Review(select:yes/ no)
  • Correspondent(discussion)

In this Workflow model, language of Japanese and English are assumed as core. So it doesn't make translating original English only into Korean. Translation into Asian (Chinese/Korean/) will be done after Japanese is made. (Bridge Translation)
By the way, in the "Correspondent", a data item of [discussion type], communications between who ask translation and the translator or among translators will be recorded. And for translator who doesn't understand other language, names of data item should be indicated in Multilingual.

[Multilingual Translation <En-Ja display>: "3. Questions" screen]