Workflow Across The Enterprise, From Quotation To Payment Confirmation

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Everyone will try to build "Between Companies (cross-) Workflow", and visualize them.
Want to visualize,
  • Delivery process
  • Inspection process
  • The Payment
  • Confirmation of the Payment
However, using Cross-enterprise Workflow makes it visible even such as " whether the business partner has completed payment verification process". But think well, there is nothing trouble in any way.

  • "Think Supply Chain As Cross-Enterprise Workflow"
  • "Sending Workflow Logs to Gmail Makes Referring Easier"
1. Quote Request, 1b. Approval Request, 2. Arrangement, 3. Create Quote, 4. Approval quotes, 5. Ordering the contents of quotations, 6. Correction, 7. Approve Modifications, 8. Order Confirmation, 9. Delivery Completion Report, 10. Payment Confirmation

[Quote-Reception-Delivery Process: "1b. Approval Request" screen]

  • Title
-Quote Request Information-
  • Delivery Requirement (date)
  • Approval Request by (user)
  • Approval Request (select:Approve/Reject)
  • Content of Order (table)
    • Product (select: No. list)
    • Quantity (numeric)
  • Correspondent(discussion)
-Quote information-
  • Total Estimated (numeric)
  • Remarks (string: text box 3lines)
  • Quote File (file)
  • Date Quote Reply (date)
  • Flag Leader Check (select: Required /Not)
  • Approval (select: Approve / Reject)
  • Flag Order (select: Order / Modification Required / Dispose)

Workflow model above is added manufactory's Task [9. Delivery Completion Report] and accountancy's Task [10. Payment Confirmation] to "Sending Workflow Logs to Gmail Makes Referring Easier".

In addition, the following Workflow model has added the task of ordering side [9a. acceptance inspection] and [9b. Conduct Transfer].