Episode 578: Starter Template (1) Planning-Approval flow

Sunday, March 11, 2018

In the article of "Episode 577: Work Request Flow is the Basic of Workflow", I introduced you the "Work Request flow" as an operation that I can recommend for any organization. It is one of the business flows (applications) pre-installed in the cloud-based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite", and there three other business flows are pre-installed. I will introduce you the operation of "Starter Template pack" in three articles in series from this one.

The first installment is "Approval flow".
Episode 462: Planning - Approval (Starter Template) (2015-12-21)

It is a simple business flow in which an employee "applies" a request for approval and the superior of the applicant "approves" it. The flow has been configured that if the external payment amount is 1 million JPY or more, it goes also to the "Approval" by the officer. (Automatically be approved after neglected for 24 hours)

[Planning-Approval flow] 

"Approval document PDF" are automatically generated for approved plans. It is also possible to print out and use if necessary, for corresponding with audit, etc.

<Example o Auto-generated PDF>

[Planning-Approval flow:""]

<Data Items list>

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Regarding 'Flow for requesting approval', I introduced you various alternatives besides this basic form.

I made a list by theme, please also visit the following articles at the link destination if you are interested.

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