Episode 580: Starter Template (3) Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Continuing the past two weeks, I will introduce you the operation of "Starter Template" which has been pre-installed in the cloud-based Workflow, "Questetra BPM Suite".

The third one is "Out-of-pocket Expenses reimbursement claim".
Episode 464: Out-of-pocket Expenses Reimbursement Claim (Starter Template) (2016-01-04)

It is a business flow to make an application for claiming with email attachment of images of receipts taken with a mobile camera. And there is a focus on making it easier to manage receipt images by applying sequentially. Therefore, this will be a business process which is on the premise that "regulation that allows discarding the original paper receipt by taking a receipt image with a mobile camera".

[Out-of-pocket Expenses claim]

Even though in this Workflow, applications will be made sequentially each time out-of-pocket expense occurs, there may be considered operations that applications are made once in a month collectively. Perhaps for organizations in which applications were being made in paper may fit with the monthly collective application. There may be considered for the monthly collective application that to Start applications for each every employee collectively, or to automatically generate PDF application form. Below is a list of various examples introduced in articles so far, please refer to it.

By the way, in order to use "Email Start", it is necessary to set the setting to "enable" on the Workflow platform (the initial state is "disabled"). So, please log in as a user with System administrator authority and make the setting to enable at [Message Start Event (Email)] in [App External Connectivity] in [System Setting].
(See the details here.=> http://www.questetra.com/tour/m3/m318/)

[Out-of-pocket Expenses claim]

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