Episode 579: Starter Template (2) Procurement Request flow

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Continuing from the last week, I will introduce you the operation of "Starter Template" which has been pre-installed in the cloud-based Workflow, "Questetra BPM Suite".

The second one is "Procurement Request".
Episode 463: Procurement Request (Starter Template) (2015-12-28)

It is a business flow that allows anyone to make requests for purchasing from consumables to equipment as long as they are employees. Since status management such as "Decision pending " or "Delivery waiting" is automated, you can check progress at any time.

[Procurement Request flow]

In the case of "request for purchasing of the amount exceeding 100,000 JPY", "to have been approved at the 'Decision-making flow' in advance" will be the "purchase condition". On the input screen, it has been given a decoration (display of input hints) which asks for inputting of "related approval process ID" when "total purchase amount" is "100,000 JPY or more".

Designing a screen that is easy for users to input is also one of the ways of business improvement. Users will be able to enter necessary items efficiently and smoothly by appropriately describing examples or explanations of contents to be entered on the input screen. On the other hand, "too much decoration" on a screen may degrade easiness of maintenance. It is important to design in consideration its convenience and maintainability, and also to improve along with its operation.

[Procurement Request flow:"1. Request Purchasing" screen]

[Data Items list]

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In the past, we also introduced operations related to procurement (purchasing, ordering) of merchandises and management of them as in the following article. Please refer to it together.

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