Sending Certificate of Participation for Event in PDF (Workflow Automation)

Monday, March 17, 2014

(On the phone) 'An invoice to other companies addressed to me, but...'

This,,, is,,, sooooo Bad!

Well, I guess most companies have experienced once or twice(?!), but I wonder it is just an issue of Clerical worker's inattention?

Imagine you yourself are working on it. If there is an assumption that "you create the documents required for business in Word or Excel respectively", you will make one mistake out of 100 sheets. Suppose if you implemented a double check system (preventive measures), mistakes would still occur about one out of 1,000. Boils down, the occurrence of errors is a "matter of time".

The following Workflow is for corresponding to event acceptance. The Steps of creating "Event Participation Certificate PDF" and "Receipt PDF" are automated, and sending of each document by e-mail attachments is automated as well. (Payment check work is on manpower.)

[Event Participation Acceptance]

[Event Participation Acceptance:'1. Payment Confirmation' screen]

[Data Item List]

'For creating a document, isn't <<Document appearance Workflow>> easy to understand?'

In cases that need 'one document' for an issue (Business data), it would be easier to understand in 'Document appearance Workflow' for sure. However, I would prefer to think documents and business data separately, for the cases that need a variety of documents such as "invoice" and "bill" and "cover sheet" in an issue. Also in this case above needs document creation of two sheets, "Participation Certificate" and "Receipt".

By the way, it is controversial about the thinking of 'Let the machine do everything!'. That is, "excessive automation" will bring new problems such as, (1) not notice the occurrence of the problem, (2) lead to the retrogression of mankind, (3) cannot cheat on date data!!
However, we should at least consider 'what would change, if we have automated that process?', before finding excuse 'not to automate'. Let's start by picking-up the work Steps that could be improved (automated).

<PDF image: Participation>  <PDF image: Receipt>

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