Automatic Issuing Invoice PDF in Cloud-based Workflow

Monday, March 10, 2014
Let the "Invoice data" to be managed centralized. in the Cloud!
Let the "Invoice PDF" to be generated automatically!

In Japan, "consumption tax" (including local consumption tax) is going to be raised from '5%' to '8%' since coming April. It is also decided that it will be raised to '10%' in the near future. The possibility of occurrence of a mistake in the description in invoices will grow more and more.

The important thing above all is to keep the system that you can quickly search for "when and which invoice was issued?".

In the following workflow, "automatic PDF document generation processing" has been incorporated into a simple approval Workflow. The person in the position to issue an invoice enters the necessary data on the Web browser, then the supervisor gives an approve, the invoice the PDF' will be automatically generated. (I may call it an "Invoice PDF Generator"?)

Using this system, you can record all the Invoice data and Invoice PDF in centrally. After all, you will be able to search / aggregate "issued invoices" by the any data item such as "billing amount", "Customer Name" and "Issued date".

[Invoice PDF Generation flow]

[Invoice PDF Generation flow:'3. ' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

It is assumed to downstream Step that 'Print and Post' or 'Send in Email Attachment' as well as "Reviewing by Boss'. In this definition, it's also possible to omit the Boss review (as obvious as you see the flow diagram). The procedure of the processing flow after the automatic generation, you should customize to suit the circumstances in each company.

About "PDF document automatic generation", I think it is not convey even if I described in the text lengthily. As I upload to the "Online Demo", I want you to try to "experience" it. (It might be erased because it is an open environment.) Those who are using "Free SaaS Edition", I want you to import this template to your Questetra environment to try by all means.

* Oh! Please be careful that if you "send by email to yourself" on the Demo, your information will be "recorded" in the Demo environment!

By the way, it seems 'nothing but approve' at [2. Approval] which is Step for the supervisor. It is on the assumption that, the supervisor has "control authority" and "Terminate" the Process if he or she doesn't want to approve. In the case that has not been approved, it will flow to either to be told on the Enterprise Social networking function, or the applicant be summoned at the desk to be instructed. (Whether or not to associate "wrong"application data? ... is surprisingly controversial.)

[Invoice PDF]

[Free Download]

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