Response to Brochure Request, Fully Automated?

Monday, March 31, 2014
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In this time of "Paperless"(!?), the information should be distributed as "data (PDF)". 'Paper resources' would be wasted, bookshelf space would be filled.

However, there are merits to "paper"booklet on the other hand. It is not fewer cases that "paper booklet" is preferable, by the type of the information, by the access frequency, by the situation of the reader.
  • Easy to read < high resolution
  • Easy to write < good with a pencil
  • Not dependent on the computer < no power supply
Even for 'function' of "finding the information" that is often compared, there are cases you can find quickly in a "strange way" which is different from the search of the computer. (Finger marks, dog ears, layouts of the information, SMELL...?)

The following Business Process defines the operation of shipping (Mail-In Service) of manual booklets (paper booklet). It is devised that Workflow will be Started automatically when a person makes a request by entering 'address' and 'name' on the Website. The entry form is to be embedded in an existing Website. (Response operations to the "Web Brochure Request")

[Booklet Mail-In Service]

[Booklet Mail-In Service: "1. Input Check" screen]

[Data Items list]

After all is said, the excellent point of this workflow definition is automatic generation of "cover sheet". That is, a cover sheet PDF is generated automatically from 'address' and ' name' the requester has entered.

Moreover, this cover sheet, "the window frame of window envelope" has been taken into account.

In other words, you can save the labor of writing the address on the envelope, if you put this cover sheet in "with a window envelope". That means, it will save you from falling into paranoia that whether or not the address you handwritten on the envelope matches the cover sheet inside, before sealing it. What a wonderful business improvement!

* 12 1/2 size envelope

Incidentally, if you want to print large amounts of PDF in a lump, synchronize your PC with "letter-for-window-envelope" folder of Google Drive that is made to back up the PDF data. You can right-click and "Print" (batch printing) when you "select all" in Windows Explorer. Feel so good!

By the way, this automatic processing system... You can realize it for free even the Workflow and the business template ... with "Questetra BPM Suite". I would like you to try. (Buy envelopes on your own)

[Cover Sheet PDF]

[Free Download]
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