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Monday, March 24, 2014
When you assume 100, 500, 1000 applicants, you will try very hard to build an 'Automatic Processing System'.
On the other hand, however, suppose if the scale of 10, 20, 50?

Sending Certificate of Participation for Event in PDF (Workflow Automation) (Workflow-Sample 2014-03-17)

An event acceptance for a "small seminar", for example...
The quickest way is to set an Email address for application to the event, and let the accepting operation <email correspondence by the person in charge>. It's good at it. To act quickly in everything, it is very important.

But if it become "events that are repeatedly held", you may be better out from <email correspondence by the person in charge> at certain timing. That is, eliminate the situation called "only the person in charge knows" about the operations, and make it (semi-automatically as much as possible) exactly to be [recorded].
  • A. Data management
  • B. Flow improvement
Once you have made it into Workflow on the basis of the two perspectives, [taking over on replacement] of the person in charge of the acceptance becomes easier. When you [increase the number of personnel] who is in charge of acceptance, you can achieve cooperative correspondence quickly. And even though if it is an event of "once a year", you will not fall into the situation that 'How we did it last year?'.

[Event Acceptance flow]

[Event Acceptance flow;'1. Confimation/Acceptance Completion Email' screen]

[Data Item List]

In this workflow definition, it is assumed to embed the "entry form" to the website.

Workflow is started by the applicant's applying from the website. Inevitably, it is 'recorded automatically', and can be browsed by workers who have Data Viewing authorization at any time.

The subsequent correspondence is in a general-purpose mechanism that acceptance personnel to manually record the history of exchange circumstance, although the transmission of "acceptance completion email" is automated. If there is an "operation to be carried out always" it might be better to be added as a Step.

In addition, about 'the history of exchange circumstance', it is also good to eliminate the Step of [2. ] and instead using hush tag (Topic) on the Enterprise Social Networking to record.

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