Attendance Time and Leaving Time in Workflow!

Monday, January 20, 2014
It is better to handle the "Attendance and leaving information" on Workflow for an Organization that handles various daily works in the Workflow (Paperless/ Digitize).

Anyhow, you manage it on Workflow, how about making attendance time and leaving time reported daily, instead of 'creating attendance record once a month'?

It seems nonsense that letting the workers create attendance records while remembering previous month. It will not work as a checking function for the supervisors, even if they handed 'attendance record data of one month' at a time. But suppose if it is a daily check on working hours confirmation, they could give approval during a little time of transportation.


[Timecard:'3. Working Time Confirmation' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

It is also good that 'Working hours' will be automatically calculated from attendance time and leaving time, but the excellence of this Workflow is to send back to [3. Correction Request]. Not necessary to go back all the way to the first step. It would also be good if workers have written simple daily report in 'Memo field'.

As a matter of course, this Workflow can be used by part-timers. Instead of punching a timecard, just let them clicking on [1. Attend (Stamping)] and [2. Leaving (Stamping)]. For the part-timers, they can confirm/ aggregate their own working hours, anytime. It is fair, isn't it?

By the way, [1. Attend (Stamping)] and [2. Leaving (Stamping)] are placed consecutively on the same Swimlane in the Workflow above. This "Continuous assignment" (sequential task) is a useless definition in general terms. Dividing a single operable processing into two operations. But as in this example, it is possible to act effectively when you give a meaning of 'Time stamping'. (The viewpoint of real-time monitoring)

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