Free Trial of a Workflow, What Do You Run on It? (Work Request)

Monday, January 6, 2014
* Series; Can be used immediately, part 3.

Considering the introduction of the workflow system... I want to evaluate Workflow products by running data that is even a little significative.

In the third of the series, I would like to pick up "General-purpose Work Request" as the theme. The following "General-purpose Work Request flow" is a little bit unusual. Anyway, it can be used for any business. Weirdly to say, it is defined a "business flow that is undefined".

However, it is very important to visualize (to uncover) this "work in the undefined area". The contents which have been asked many times in the "General-purpose Work Request" might mean that some important business processes have not been defined. Suppose if it would become exactly the same flow diagram (*structure), it might be better to operate in another Workflow (Process Model) to automatically record the business history.
*Request structure of "1. Work request" > "2. Completion report" > the "3. Completion confirmation", between two parties

[Work Request flow]

[Work Request flow;'2. Reconfirmation/ Completion' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

In fact, the Workflow (Process Model) called "General-purpose Work Request" might exist quite long. (In Questetra, Inc. it is used quite often as well.)

That is, even if you thought you have thoroughly put business processes in the company into the Workflow system, the business that has not been defined will come out. Or also, if a business occurs only a few times a year, rather it would be better handled in "General-purpose Work Request".

The "General-purpose Work Request" is profound. You can consider various expansions as well, such as "automatic notification" or "accepting request through a Web Form which is opened to inside the company". It might become a key to Business Process Improvement activities (BPM activities) to continue to operate and to seek "General-purpose Work Request" that matches to the business scheme of the organization itself (especially for the company in intense change).

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