Revision Control of Internal Documents on Workflow

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
There are a lot of 'documents to be referred by many people' in a company.
It would be a wide variety of types of documents such as, 'User's Manual' of products, 'Work Manual' of work site, 'Template of Agreement', or 'Company Regulations'. And it would be a big affliction to continue maintenance upon them. Moreover, it would be extremely difficult to control if the documents were required 'to be translated into other languages' at time of revision.

The following Process Diagram shows the work procedure of revising 'Product Manual'. By bringing this Business Process Definition into the system, the locations of revisions and person who finally checked will be recorded automatically.

[Manual Revising]

[Manual Revising; '2. Checking Revision' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

The excellence of this Manual Revision Management (Version management system of Manual document) is, although it is unspectacular, managing the locations of revision by 'chapter + section' in Numeric type. (e.g. '211' as chapter 2, section 1-1)
This allows you, for example, to range search by '200 -300' when you want to search for the revision history of 'entire chapter 2'. Also you can search for only 'Section 2 of Chapter 2' by '220-230'. Needless to say, this trick will not work well if the structure of 'Chapters + Sections' of the document is often altered. That means it is important to design the 'Table of Contents' meticulously.


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