'Job Analysis' for Business Improvement, Things You should Do First.

Monday, June 3, 2013
To ask someone a tiny 'job'. It quite happens daily.

Most of the cases, these are handled with the 'Magic Tool' called "Email". That is, Mr.Jack the requester sends an email to Mr.Smith the requestee to ask;
  • Please issue my Incumbency Certificate.
  • Please survey the competing product...

But talking about Email as a tool, it could be a 'Magic tool' as well as a 'graveyard of Tasks'...

Here we are going to reconsider;
  • Operations too "infrequent" to call a 'Business process'
  • Operations too "short" to call a 'Business process'
to begin with. Then you will become to be able to improve frequent Business processes or long ones.

[General Purpose Request flow]

[General Purpose Request flow: '1. Enter Request' screen]

[Email setting screen]

This Business process Diagram expresses "Job Requesting process" between two people. it is quite simple.
That is, Mr.Jack designates Smith during [1. Enter Request]. Mr.Smith registers his deliverables during [2. Respond to Request].

'Nothing is different from emails!'

Indeed, nothing is different from emails as a flow. However, it is greatly different at the point that "current status becomes clear to everyone". Moreover, it enables, to be remained as a record of company's business, to aggregate the deliverables multilaterally, to reveal who holds unprocessed duties. For example, a Boss will be able to observe a list of what kind of job his subordinates have done in that month. (Data viewing authorization required)

For those who are thinking trying to experience Business Process Management (BPM), this type of "Job Requesting flow for general purpose" is a very good teaching material. That is, it is "Business process definition that you can try immediately".

By the way, though you will see for yourself by actually using it, this 'General Purpose Request flow' is a "practical Business Process" which you can keep on using for a long time. I do want you to try it by all means.
In addition, this Business Process example is excellent for the option of 'passed around'. Mr.Smith can switch the [Operating Personnel] to summon Mr.Bill. (For the cases like this, you want a communicating feature. Questetra is equipped with Enterprise Social Networking as standard. It will bring you the internal communication that referring Business data.)


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