Practice Makes Perfect. To Draw a Business Flow Diagram is to Make a Business System!

Monday, June 10, 2013
Before improving the "Business Process", you should learn the tool to do it.

'Of course, that's right...', so this time, I would like to show you a quite simple usage of it.
The Workflow definition below is a job of 'writing an email'. It already is not to be called a 'flow of job'. It has just one processing step (Task). Only one person to handle it. Neither remanding, nor Looping.

[Email Sending flow]

[Email Sending flow: '1. Write Email' screen]

[Setting screen of Gageway]

[Setting screen of Email]

I placed a "gateway" symbol of splitting (represented by a diamond in BPMN format), anyway. You can write the "split conditional expression" in the gateway. There, a condition of "if transmission time is set" has been set.

Furthermore, I have set a 'Timer'. It simply will remain till the Transmission time. (It is officially called "Timer Intermediate Event", but nobody cares.)

It is unexpectedly convenient.
Anybody will be able to send invitations simply if entered "" in From address.
Incidentally, a sentence that 'All of us are looking forward to welcoming you.' has set as the initial value in this Process Template. I hope you try this and that for each data item, how to set 'initial value' and how to describe notes on operating screen.

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