Episode 593: Questionnaire Surveillance after Event

Sunday, June 24, 2018

In the previous article, I introduced a Workflow for event participation reception of such as "Seminar by a small group".
It is desirable to be rid of correspondence in emails by a person in charge and to make the mechanism of reception into Workflow, also in the aspect of A: Data Management, and B: Flow Improvement.

After the event has been successfully held, you would like to hear from the participants for their impressions and feedback on the event. By listening to the participant's voices and reflecting them on the next event, "Event holding work" itself can also be improved. In case the event is a seminar, it will also lead to reviewing of the contents of the seminar.

Although there is a method that to prepare a Workflow for collecting "Post-event Questionnaire" and to transmit the answering URL (Form Start) to the event participants collectively, I will introduce a method that to standby for entries to the questionnaire (Form Standby) in the post-step of "Event acceptance flow", this time.

[Event Acceptance flow-Questionnaire]

In this Workflow definition, not only "Participation acceptance", but also "questionnaire" after the event can be conducted.

For each event participant, a unique URL for answering the questionnaire will be emailed. Participants can answer the questionnaire by opening the URL described in the email.

In the "Questionnaire" Step, if you set it so that "Name" and "Affiliation" at the time of acceptance are displayed, participants can be conscious as a registered questionnaire. On the other hand, in the case of this mechanism (Workflow), the person who answered it is known, even if you do not include "Name" "Affiliation" in the questionnaire item. Therefore, it is not suitable for an anonymous questionnaire.

[Data Items list]

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