Episode 585: Let's Draw Workflow Diagram in BPMN! (prequel)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

In this blog, "Workflow Sample", we introduce you various Workflow definitions of businesses. Since a Workflow definition is drawn using BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), so it is not only the flow of the business to comprehensible at a glance but also sharing the contents of the business to be easy.

We are going into Golden Week, so I will re-introduce the articles of the past concerning "how to draw BPMN" for the next two weeks. I hope you take those as an opportunity to learn about BPMN which is a notation system for Workflow diagram and how to draw with them.

1) Split Conditions are a Basic Concept in BPMN

A lesson for how to "Split" a flow of business. Among three types of splitting, "AND split (parallel split)" which goes to "all" and "XOR split (exclusive split)" which goes to "one of them" are explained.

[BPMN sample-XOR split]

[BPMN sample-AND split]

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2) BPMN Splits for flexible flow conditions

Among three types of splitting, "OR split (inclusive split)" which flows to "some" that satisfy a condition is explained.

[BPMN sample-OR split]

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3) Automatically Sending Template Emails in the Middle of a Workflow

A lesson about on of the "Events" in BPMN. There are 14 types of Events that are available in"Questetra BPM Suite", as of May 2018.

[BPMN sample-Message Throwing Never-Ending]

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4) How to Design Primary Workflows With Many Baby Workflows

A lesson for how to connect Processes using "Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)".

[BPMN sample-Generate Twins]

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Basics of BPMN, how to model in Questetra

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