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Monday, December 9, 2013
'Book purchase' on the company. It happens often.

Like Research institutes, R & D department, Marketing department... Books are indispensable for survey works.
Like Software company, Designing company, Construction company... Latest books are also indispensable for those creative businesses.

It's alright that 'someone buy books when he or she needs them', but information about those books which purchase on the company should be shared within the company. If there is an environment that anyone can see 'who and when bought which books' quickly, you may not have to buy books that you think you need. You may browse a book which you think not worth paying for at the office next door.

The following Workflow is a Book Purchasing Request. Not only for 'Purchase Request', you can use it for 'Report after the fact'. In other words, all the book purchase will be recorded, and that will become a Database of in-house library.

[Books Purchase Request flow]

As you can see the capture image of the Operation screen sample, the 'Input interface' is the excellence of this Process Model (Business Process Definition). *"Advanced Layouts" Questetra

For people who do their daily job on a Tablet (including Windows 8.x), 'Typing input' may be a painful work.But in this Input interface, inputting International Standard Book Number (ISBN) can be done only with 'Touch operation'. Plus, you can prevent mistakes in the code input because you can refer to the image of the book automatically. (Using 'Product Advertising API' of
With this UI, when you just drop by a book store and bought some, you can report the ISBN even in a cab.

Though it is dependent on, such as the importance of the business or work frequency, or work content, if you really care for 'Data Input' or 'Data Output' on your business, it would be better to customize the 'screen layouts' boldly, like this sample.

[Books Purchase Request flow; '1. Purchase Request (Report After the Fact)' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

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