Free Trial of a Workflow, What Do You Run on It? (Suggestion Box)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
* Series; Can be used immediately, part 1.

Considering the introduction of the workflow system... I want to evaluate Workflow products by running data that is even a little significative.

However, even how much you look for, there is no business sample that fits completely in the business of your organization. I mean, the "Business Process To Be" will differ greatly because it depends on the company size, the business industry and the department in the company. So you will download a Business Process Definition sample (Workflow Sample) that is too simple, and you activate in the Workflow system, and end up inputting something nonsense like 'test' or 'foo bar'.

I would like to present you "Suggestion Box Workflow" in the following, which is very convenient as a workflow to be run during a trial period of Workflow product. The Flow diagram is simple enough, and you can start using it (if you wish) in any organization of a small team to large company. More than anything, it is good that you can start it smaller without affecting the main business.

[Suggestion Box flow]

[Suggestion Box flow; '2. Confirmation of Improvement Proposal' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

You'll be able to consider the specifications of the Workflow product if you can run "meaningful data" of about 10 - 20 with the cooperation of the test operator. You will experience more vividly about "Setting of the data viewing permissions" or "setting of Splitting part" or "Setting of the underwriter", for example.

For example, in the case in this example, the second process of "2. Confirmation of Improvement Proposal", has been defined that "leader" of the department of proponent (the applicant) to undertake. After a week or so, you would be able to grasp the characteristics of the workflow product for each, such as;
  • how would /should be the input screen for an employee who is assigned to both "Accounting Department" and "Human Resources Department"?
  • how should be an annotation on the input screen for an employee to be able to propose without hesitation?
  • how far is the range that can be browsed for a "leader of each Department" by searching past data of proposals?
  • how can the situation that a "leader" is holding (unable to answer) be confirmed?
By all means, I would like you to try to experience.

Series; Can be used immediately, part 1. (This article) "Improvement Proposal (Suggestion Box)"
Series; Can be used immediately, part 2. (Coming soon) "Daily Report (Auto-start)"
Series; Can be used immediately, part 3. (Coming soon) "General-purpose Work Request flow"

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