Processing Business Data in Child Process (Translating)

Monday, December 2, 2013
Considering "a Workflow" to be incorporated into "a Workflow". (What?)

That is, "the jobs on which professional skills should be exerted cross-sectoral". Although it may differ greatly depending on company size or its Business Activities, these are in varieties such as "Typo Checking", "Document Translation", "Trademark Law Violation Check" and "Presentation materials brush up", so on.

The following Workflow definition is, a "Document Translation flow" for a company in which 'Japanese -English document translation' would occur in many different sections. It is excellent because it is designed to be called (be incorporated) from another Workflow. Moreover, it will send translated document data, back to 'the Process of the original' on completion of translating. It is a mechanism of "Subroutine" speaking in terms of the old IT terminology. We might call it "Subprocess call" in BPM basis.

This team, we should call it "Translation Center in-house", is a group of specialized technicians. Defining 'Inputs to them' and 'Outputs from them' will greatly contribute to improvement in business efficiency. (It might suggest for telecommuting system.) By the way, it could often be controversial that 'it should be outsourced to focus on our own business', but there is a big difference in the work quality because they have a deeper knowledge of in-house term and specialized term.

[Document Translation flow]

[Document Translation flow;'1. Respond to Request' screen]

[List of Process Data Item]

The Process Model above, 'Document Translation flow', is assumed that the Process Model which calls it is on the same Questetra ID.

That is, the [Requesting Process Model] passes "Process ID: processInstanceId" (unique within Questetra ID) and "Destination Event ID: nodeNumber" and "the original document to be translated" and etc., to the Translation Process Model. The [Translation Process Model] will return the completed 'Translated document' to the Requesting Process Model using "Process ID: processInstanceId" and "Catching Event ID".

Note that as of Questetra ver. 9.7, the Requesting Process Model must be set to store the 'Translated Document' (multiple lines) into 0th Data Item (data[0]), 'Translator's Comment' into 1st Data Item (data[1]). After all, the Business Process definition of the requester, could be made by extending the sample below.

[Translation Requesting Process Model]

[List of Process Data Item]

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