Business Manual within Workflow!

Monday, October 7, 2013
You need
(A)'a Manual to accelerate each processing (each step)' (micro-spective) as well as
(B)'a Manual that grows understanding about the entire business' (macro-spective).

Looking at the operating screen of the Workflow, it is possible to handle allocated tasks even for non-experience personnel. "Vacation Request", "Approve the Request", "Confirm Absence", etc. All they have to do is to input along the indicated form screen. (There may be 'a Manual to accelerate each processing'(A).)

* Sample for (A) Embed Manual to Operating Screen of Workflow with Google Drive

They are not few cases that you want solutions to the questions in entire-business-spective or entire-system-spective such as ,
  • Will my salary be reduced?
  • First of all, how the leave system is defined?

The following Workflow-sample contains "The overview of the leave system" (a business manual). That is, apart from the "manual to handle each step"(A), "Manual for the entire business flow"(B) is given to see in the workflow. (New feature of Questetra [Version 9.7!!)

[Leave Request Flow-w/Manual]

[Leave Request Flow-w/Manual: '1. Leave Request' screen]

[Manual screen of Process Model]

If the applicant and the handler can see "Manual for the entire business flow (the business manual)"(B), inquiries to Management section and reworking will be reduced. (There are not so many Workflow/BPM products that support such business manual.

There is a very large room for improvement about how to describe "Manual for the entire business flow "(B) of course, but probably will not need to put the full text of internal regulations related to the leave system. In this example, minimal leave request manual is indicated. About detailed company regulations information, there is a hyperlink to it. You better append detailed manual each time frequent asked question comes out. (It is an important business improvement activity.)

By the way in Questetra, you can describe in 'HTML' or 'Lightweight markup language (Markdown)'.

<Example of Description>
This is a summary of basic matters. Ask to the Management section for question or revision requests.

# Employee's rights and Company' rights
(from the Labor law)
> ... however, that when the granting of leave in the requested period would interfere with the normal operation of the enterprise, the employer may grant the leave during another period.

This means
* If alternative worker is available, the Company cannot force period change.
* If alternative worker is unavailable, the Company can.
# To refer regulations
+ [Questetra,Inc. Employment regulations](
+ [Questetra,Inc. Childcare/nursing leave regulations](
+ [Questetra,Inc. Salary regulations](


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