Be a Concierge service! Automatic Recording of the Required Time for Responding.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
How long is the average corresponding time to the contact via Website?
Are you dealing with the contacts on weekends for sure?

When the number of processed grows, you will want to analysis it. For example, 'Average corresponding time' to the contacts via "Contact Form" on your Website. When you observe your business quantitatively, business improvement will be accelerated. It will be the basic data for evaluation meeting, and will help to put up the goal easily.

The following Business Process Definition is devised for analyzing. That is, not only to start [Inquiries Workflow] automatically, "the time it took to the final answer" and "the day of the week" of the contact comes in will be automatically set as business records,
  • when there is a submission to the "Contact Form" on your Website, or,
  • when an email comes in to the "Contact email address" which has been published here and there. 
To tell the truth, it is almost the same as the Workflow which we have introduced to you in the past, but it is different at the point that it has been added "Script Task" for data processing.
[Inquiry flow-response time]

[Inquiry flow-response time:'1. Accept / Answer' screen]

This "Script Task" is a newly added feature to the Version 9.7 of Questetra BPM Suite. It is capable to Add/Create with retrieving or convert Business data. It is described in a few lines of JavaScript.

var timestart = data.get("36"); // DateTime type: Process Start time
var timesent = data.get("37"); // DateTime type: Reply email transmission time

var conciergesec = timesent.getTime() - timestart.getTime();
var conciergehour = java.math.BigDecimal( Math.floor( conciergesec / (1000 * 60 * 60) ));

var daystart = timestart.getDay(); //Day of week
if (daystart == 0) retVal.put("40","Sunday");
if (daystart == 1) retVal.put("40","Monday");
if (daystart == 2) retVal.put("40","Tuesday");
if (daystart == 3) retVal.put("40","Wednesday");
if (daystart == 4) retVal.put("40","Thursday");
if (daystart == 5) retVal.put("40","Friday");
if (daystart == 6) retVal.put("40","Saturday");

Even for those who have not experienced programming would almost read and understand this script somehow. Easy maybe, for the Excel masters. In short, it just sets "day of the week of Started" and "responding time" to other data items by referring to business data. When you download each data gathered in that way with narrowing down by target period and necessary items, it would be a basic material for the business improvement meeting as it is.

By the way, those scripts defined in "Script Task" of Questetra are processed by 'ECMA engine'. The ECMA engine that equipped on Questetra (Rhino) reads general JavaScript class and some of the Java class. It is also available in Free Trial Edition, of course. I definitely want you to give it a try.

Available JavaScript class
Classes defined to "ECMA-262, Edition 3" (JavaScript 1.5 equivalent)
Most of the classes "ECMA-262, Edition 5" of (JavaScript 1.7/1.8)
* It is a script processing on the server side, the so-called "Browser Object" is not available.

Available Java class (23)
Such as a class for accessing business data, please see User Manual for the details.

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