Translation Workflow should be Cooperated with In-house SNS

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Workflow system goes well with Desk workers'.
Translators for example, who spend most of their work stuck on their PC, they are really in good chemistry with Workflow.

The following is a 'Translation flow' mainly for Web contents.
It is a device which putting a document in Japanese in it, and the translation in English and in Spanish would be completed.(!?) After running this flow to some extent, gradually you will see the correlation of the amount of original document and duration of processing.

[Translation workflow]

[In-house SNS]

By the way, there would be so many cases that 'the translator need to know what the original writer meant' in translation flow.
In those cases, it is one of the ways that inserting a confirming flow (a Looping flow) of 'asking and answering' into the Workflow. However,"In-house SNS" (Enterprise Social) have been penetrated nowadays. If there were 'In-house SNS' environment, it should better be processed in "In-house SNS", chatting and getting 'like!' from co-workers.

As a matter of course, that will be perfect, if the Workflow system was cooperated with 'In-house SNS', and the translating subject was associated with the records of the chat about it. It goes without saying that, Questetra which includes 'In-house SNS' is the most recommended by far...

Incidentally, when it comes to translating Web pages, not only 'the title' and 'the body' of the document, but also various sentences must be translated such as 'Descriptions in Meta tag' and 'Keywords' or 'texts in images', etc.. In such cases, we unconsciously tend to prepare the container for data (data items) for such as 'Descriptions' or 'Keywords'. That means a large quantity of data items will be designed.

the fewer the better for data items.
It is not necessary to subdivide the data item unless there is a reason such as "want to improve convenience on Document search", or "do not want to show the process". In this case, it would become more flexible to operate by letting this information be listed in each string type (multiple-line) data item of "Japanese" "English" "Spanish".

[Translation workflow: "3.En Check" screen]

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