Queries from Facebook, Queries from Abroad, Let them Flow All Together Neatly

Monday, October 1, 2012
Since around the year 2000, 'Workflows' have been a major stepping forward in the area of;
  • Decision making and Approval
  • Expense Report
  • Travel Expenses Reimbursement
and have been contributing to a significant reduction in office work labors. Some folks call these 'Three major applications of workflow'.

It has been digitized (onlined), records have been remain automatically, and the aggregate has become extremely faster.

Later, office work has been digitized one after another along with improving the environment, such as an internal LAN.
  • Working hours, attendance reporting
  • Procurement and Asset Management
  • Application of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • Recruiting
These have come to be into the workflow as well. Especially, cross-department Workflow, and business between remote locations they are very significant to be digitized.

Now, the cloud computing era of today.
Workflow is not limited to internal operations.
That is, operations of responding to an inquiry from the outside became able to be operated in the Workflow system as well. Specifically, "Product inquiry" or "Complaint", "Request for Quote" or "Personal Information Protection Counter", can now be processed electronically in accordance with operating procedures (business processes) as well.

In the following workflow definition, it is possible to be incorporated in the same flow by the connective setting, such as (external trigger) inquiries on the Web site or by e-mail, as well as queries on Facebook and Twitter, etc.. It can be branched to 'Translation' or 'advisory' in the middle of the Workflow.
By the way, it is the uniqueness of "Questetra BPM Suite", the Cloud based Workflow, that providing flexible improvement on 'operations that cooperating with external system'. (Free accounts are ready to go!)

[Corresponding Query flow]

The advantages of "Query Corresponding into Workflow" is a lot.

You will not find it unless you run actually though, but there will be lots of things you can achieve such as, to promptly respond to inquiries that have stagnated to be visualized in real time, or to check the performance at each step of the business flow (average processing time), or to improve the quality of the FAQ site seamlessly, etc..

And the "aggregate analysis" is the best part.
It will become extremely important basic data of strategy for product development and marketing, even simply by categorizing the Customer Testimonials (VOC), and to summarize the number at the time axis and response time axis.

In addition, in this workflow definition, it is also able to record the queries that asked verbally and answered casually during the meeting visit, as well as e-mail inquiry from the external. (Task [9. Memo after Answered])

If it was cloud-based workflow, they will register it during travel time from their Smartphone.

[Corresponding Query flow [1. Memo and Start] screen]

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