Email Newsletter Manuscript Creating Flow on Template with Date

Monday, October 29, 2012
Email newsletters are one of the tools to tell 'Valuable information for subscribers'.

The position of the e-mail newsletter, although which differs greatly depending on the issuer, for example, it is "marketing tool that directly related to the sales" for the mail-order company, also is an "Induction tool that greatly influences the access" for media sites. That is, it is not a few that email newsletters play a 'crucial role of the business'.

It is desirable that the process of creating manuscript would be 'processed quickly' and 'hardly mistaken'.

The following business process sample is an Email Newsletter Manuscript Creating Flow that about 20 manuscripts per month will be created. Both of "Regularly issuance three times a week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday" and "Publishing in arbitrary timing" are assumed. These work procedures or automatic processing are devised to prevent retention and mistakes.
  • Automatically started on the day before the regular issuance
  • Deadline of each process is set explicitly
  • Automatically setting the stylized part such as 'date of issue' or 'Copyright Year'
< Organization Assumption >
One producer, one director, three Writers (Concurrently serving), three Illustrators (Concurrently serving) one Photographer (Concurrently serving)
(* The Director serves concurrently as an Illustrator)

[Email Newsletter Manuscript Creating Flow]

At the first of this Workflow, the producer establishes the 'Plan Outline' by 10:00 a.m. on the day before an email newsletter issuance. It's a "theme of the newsletter" so to speak. Specifically, enter the theme into the String type data item, "Matters to be told to subscribers in this newsletter".
After that,along the theme, it flows,
  • by 13:00, setting the Plan detail (distribution of roles)
  • by 15:00, finish each part
  • by 17:00, finish the whole manuscript to transmit.
In addition, the theme is notified to concerned people by email. Depending how you write themes, ideas and advice would be received by the verbally or in-house SNS.

By the way, in this case about the cooperation with the mail delivery system (email newsletter stand) is not described.
That is, it is assumed the manuscript to be 'copy & paste manually'. For HTML mail, setting on images etc. will be needed. However, although it depends on the API of the newsletter stand, it should automatically cooperate with as much as possible, by e-mail or REST. That is, to reduce mistakes at 'copy & paste manually'.

Reducing human task as much as possible under the spirit of 'a grudge against the business processes, without a grudge against people', is the basic of Business Process Improvement of reducing the occurrence of mistakes.
* BPM / Business Process Management

['3a. Create manuscript' screen]
['4. Manuscript Completion Report' screen]

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