Of course! Approving Request Gf Telecommuting Should Be Through Cloud Computing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
It is right to say "Keep important Data inside server."
But it's also right to say "Keep them upon cloud computing."
If you have excellent engineers in your company, there might a way to trust only in your own inside server.
But still it sounds nonsense to say "Never use servers except one inside."
It sounds like "Every electric power must from private electric generators" or "Every money must kept inside safe, not in the Bank."

Now, what kind of affairs should be in cloud computing?
We'll show you an example of "Approving Telecommuting Requests" on cloud computing.
We are going to expand from this basic model.
Similar;"A Workflow for a Telecommuting System"(Mar.23.2011)

1. Request, 2. Approval, 3. Report

[Telecommuting-Request: "2. Approval" screen]

<Process Data Items>
  • Title (Ex: May 16 Ichiro Sato (Name will be inserted automatically)
<<Telecommuting info>>
  • Telecommuting day (date) [deadline of Task 2. and 3.]
  • Approver (user)
  • Work content (string: text box 4 lines)
<<Approver control>>
  • Approve? (select: OK / No)
  • Correspondence (discussion)

Personnel department needs to be authorized if they uses data to figure out employee's salary.
By the way, to clarify in case not approved, task of 'Action against Send Back' should be added as workflow below.

1. Request, 2. Approval, 3.Action against Send Back, 4.Report