Episode 567: 2017, Dawn of Business Automization

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Looking Back 2017

Thank you for reading this "Workflow Sample" through a year.

The year of 2017, which is the eighth year of blogging, as well, I could post 52 articles without missing even for single week. This is also thanks to you readers, for your "Like" and "Share".

For concluding at the end of the year, I made a survey for top 5 most viewed articles. The result is as follows.
  1. Episode 515: Approval on Contract through Workflow! (Improved version) (2016-12-26)
  2. Episode 462: Planning - Approval (Starter Template) (2015-12-21)
  3. Episode 471: I won't Give an Approval to My Own Application! (by a director of a department) (2016-02-22)
  4. Episode 463: Procurement Request (Starter Template) (2015-12-28)
  5. Episode 510: "Post Facto Approval" in Expense Report Flow is Good Enough (2016-11-21)
Uggh... Sad thing is there is no tittle in 2017. (What is the worthwhile what we've been doing for a year?)

Ranking in Narrowed Down to 2017 Articles

Again, I made a survey on top 5 most viewed articles of 2017.
  1. Episode 531: Automatic Search on TV Listings (2017-04-17)
  2. Episode 519: What is Automation of Business Process (Part 2) (2017-01-22)
  3. Episode 520: What is Automation of Business Process (Part 3) (2017-01-30)
  4. Episode 521: What is Automation of Business Process (Part 4) (2017-02-06)
  5. Episode 539: A Step to be Considered as "Received" when the Time Comes (2017-06-12)
Hmmm... As I thought, "Auto-" was the keyword. (Even though the mission of this blog is to provide "concrete work sample"), "topics with high abstraction" was more popular as the result of 2017.

[Generate Random Number on Server-side]

Trend for Automization

At the beginning of the blog establishment, I think that it used to be discussed about that "what kind of flow the overall should be (organizing of work steps)", which was concerning with concrete work. Whereas in recent years, we often discuss regarding "what kind of automatization (unattended) there are" as means for reducing human tasks.

Particularly in Japan in 2017, there was a phenomenon that "RPA" (Robotic Process Automation) was featured by media companies because the government has been promoting "productivity revolution". And in response to "saving labor for desktop work" by RPA, "data processing" or "data communication" on the Workflow system side (server-side) have gathered more attention as well.

Some bold attempts to automate both of "client-side" and "server-side" for labor-saving have also been started.

Work Automatization on Server-side

For the last of this year, I am going to post an example to let the Workflow system make simple "data processing" (Hello world).

It is an extremely simple mechanism that is, for example, if you enter a numerical value such as "100" on the input screen of the first human step of "1. Determine maximum random number", a random number is generated on server-side ("Random number Generator", an auto-step), and it will be delivered in an email body (Throwing Message Event).

If you have "never touched the BPM yet" or "never experienced the auto-steps of the Workflow system", why don't you run it on Free SaaS Edition, during this winter vacation?

Well now everyone, I wish you have a happy new year. See you next time!

[Generate Random Number on Server-side:"1. Determine maximum random number" screen]

<Email capture>

<Data Items list>

<Questetra Add-on:Random number Generator (dynamic)>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><service-task-definition> 

<label>Random Number Generator (dynamic)</label> 
<label locale="ja">乱数ジェネレータ (上限変動版)</label> 

<summary>A random number that does not exceed the number in the Data item selected config "A" (e.g.: 0 to 99) will be stored in the Data item selected in the config "B" 
<summary locale="ja">"A"で選択した数値型データに格納されている数を超えないランダムな整数が、"B"で選択した数値型データ項目に格納されます 

<help-page-url locale="ja">https://www.questetra.com/ja/tour/m4/m415/addon-random-number-2/</help-page-url> 

  <config name="conf_DataIdA" required="true" form-type="SELECT" select-data-type="DECIMAL"> 
    <label>A: Select NUMERIC DATA for Max Number (100 returns 0 - 99)</label> 
    <label locale="ja">A: 乱数上限値が格納されている数値型データを選択してください (100: 0 - 99)</label> 
  <config name="conf_DataIdB" required="true" form-type="SELECT" select-data-type="DECIMAL"> 
    <label>B: Select NUMERIC DATA for Random Number (update)</label> 
    <label locale="ja">B: 乱数が格納される数値型データを選択してください (更新)</label> 

// Random Number Generator - Dynamic (ver. 20181020) 
// (c) 2017, Questetra, Inc. (the MIT License) 

//// == Config Retrieving / 工程コンフィグの参照 == 
var dataIdA = configs.get( "conf_DataIdA" ) + ""; 
var dataIdB = configs.get( "conf_DataIdB" ) + ""; 
// convert 'java.lang.String' to 'javascript string' 

//// == Data Retrieving / ワークフローデータの参照 == 
var maxNum = engine.findDataByNumber( dataIdA ) - 0; 
// convert 'java.math.BigDecimal' to 'javascript number' 

//// == Calculating / 演算 == 
var randNum = Math.floor( Math.random() * maxNum ); 
// Math.random(): 0.00 to 0.99 

//// == Data Updating / ワークフローデータへの代入 == 
engine.setDataByNumber( dataIdB, java.math.BigDecimal( randNum ) ); 



* https://www.questetra.com/ja/tour/m4/m415/addon-random-number-2/

[Free download]
  • Business Template: Generate Random Number on Server-side
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