Episode 536: The Number of Times of Sending-Back is also Valuable Issue Data!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Logs of each Issue

When considering the optimization of the Business Process, in two categories of "master type data" and "transaction type data", analyze the latter.

More specifically, I will analyze "transaction type data" as an occurrence record such as "details of estimate No. 123" and "details of invoice No. 123", instead of "master type data" such as "merchandise master" or "customer master".

Logs useful for analysis

"FooBar Issue Details" flowing in the Workflow system is data that is accumulated every time an Issue is started, and it is all "transaction type data".

However, not all transaction information is stored in the "Data Items" defined within the Business Process. For example, "information held by the system side" (log of each case) such as "time reached at the 2nd Step" and "the number of times it has revolved around the loop structure" are not stored in an exportable form.

In the following workflow, it is configured "the number of times sent back" (number of times it has circled around the loop structure), that is "information held on the system side", to be automatically imported into "Data Item" which is on the Business Process side.

[Base flow of Request type process]

[Setting screen of Service-Task]

Automatic counter

If such an [automatic counter] is placed in the upstream Step of a requesting type workflow, the number of sending back in each Issue will be automatically stored as "business data". As a result, it will make easier to search for "Issues in which user stuck in send-back loop".

For example, if you can identify the cause or the tendency of occurrence by "Listing Issues that were sent-back three or more times", it will lead to implementation of PDCA such as;
  • P. Modifying the Business Process definition (improvement)
  • A. Reviewing operation system and operation manual of Business Process.

Further useful data

"Want to measure the lost time!"

Certainly, as long as data such as "accumulated time lost due to the occurrence of sending-back" is included as "business data", further active PDCA discussion may proceed.

In the next entry I would like to add a "Data Item" of "Cumulative lost time".

[Base flow of Request type process:"1. Request" screen]

[Data Items list]

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