Episode 535: True Work Style Reformation is to Improve the System Continuously

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Start small

"How can I get used to the system?"

Considering only the investment effect, it is effective to systemize "existing inefficient work". If there is a work being done on "paper base", you should consider systematization of that work. If systemization is applied to "core business" such as order receiving, shipping and billing, "effect" will be more than "investment" relatively easily.

However, there are also risks that you can not get "effects" at all, if in a situation which is 1) administrator: insufficient system setting skill, 2) general worker: insufficient computer literacy. It is like forcing computer graphic to an oil painting artist.

"I may worsen business efficiency introducing a system." If you have such anxiety, it may be better to start a trial run first with "a small operation" (a work to be done every day if possible).

Habit of continuing to improve

When promoting paperless and teleworking, introduction of "workflow system" will be considered.

It is a very annoying question that to which operation to apply for the first, but for example, the following small workflow called "work time report" could be a powerful candidate. It is definitely good because "inevitably to use every day".

Naturally you will understand what you need and what you can omit, by actually trying "entering data", and "approving on it". And various ideas will be born through the usage.
  • Administrator: Will be Increased the skill of designing workflow
  • General worker: Understand the basic usage of handling Steps

[Hours Worked Report]

Seeking for smooth input

How easily can you enter data with less mistakes?

This agenda cannot be concluded overnight. It varies greatly depending on "business". It will also depend on "composition of member's age". Or it may be different depending on "busy / slow season".

In this example, various ideas of input assistance (decoration) are given for the reporting of time and date worked. For example, "Input method" such as;
  • Input by clicking on "Now" button
  • Adjust by clicking "-1 m" button several times
has been realized for "Time input", instead of typing on the keyboard to enter number like "08:55".

Moreover, a button that allows self-check the "hours worked" from the entered "attendance time" and "leave time" are added. This can be said an effective attempt to have workers to be awareness of "overworking".

Programming knowledge that is needed inevitably

For these originative ideas (decoration) such as "input support button" and "check button", configuration of "JavaScript" is required.

However, as of today, those who with JavaScript knowledge are not so rare.

In order to add "ideas for improving operational efficiency" on a daily basis, it is good to assign staffs who has JavaScript knowledge in each team for acting as "system improvement staff". If you have a team size of more than 10 people, you should consider let the stuff work as "system improvement personnel" dedicatedly.

[Hours Worked Report:"1. Attendance report" screen]

[Data Items list]

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