Episode 499: Why am I Unsure about General Situation of Submitted Quotations?

Monday, September 5, 2016
"How much is the total of Quotations that have been submitted currently?"

Sales budget, which all the Sales managers care about. Even not being a Sales manager, there are many people who care about company's sales progress.
  • How many Quotations have been submitted?
  • How much is the total of those Quotations?
  • How many Orders will be reported among them?

As a matter of course, if you would like to forecast the "Sales", "Quotation tracking" is essential.

"How many of what Issues in which Step?" will be obvious if the progress of series of Quoting operations, such as "Drafting", "Approval" and "Win-loss Report", have been managed (in a Workflow). Even "Order rate" can be calculated easily by aggregating of past Issues that flowed through the Workflow. (Or rather, "Productivity of the Sales Department" should be questioned if they don't know the total price of submitted Quotations...)

The following Workflow is a "Quotation Creation flow" that begins with "1. Drafting Quotation" and ends at "4. Win-loss Report". (Want to connect to "Billing Process" in the future...)

Once a Quotation operation has started, things that must be done at the moment ("to approve on a draft of Quotation", "to submit the Quotation to the customer", etc.) will be clarified for both of Sales manager and salesperson. There will never be "Useless waiting time". And of course, never be omissions or oversights.

And the directors on board would make check for "Quotations that have been submitted and waiting for Win-loss report" (Quotations that staying at the 4th Step) in every quarterly results.

[Quotation Creation flow]

"Quotation tracking" is not for the company only.

For individual salesperson,
  • How many Quotations did I submit in the last month? And how much is their total?
  • How many Quotations did I submit this year? And how many of them did I win?
  • How many Quotations did that coworker submit in the last month?
  • How much is the win rate of that coworker?

If all of the Quotations become the subject of Tracking, not only clarifying the "Past" and "Now", but also workers will get a great hint for the "Future "ahead.

By the way, in this Workflow, sharing of information in the enterprise social networking has been automated as well as auto-generation of "Quotation PDF". That is, it will post to "OpenChat", which is the social networking within Sales department, automatically upon creation of a draft, and will automatically post to "Slack" which is social networking for the entire company, upon successfully winning orders.

A lot of "Likes" and "Comments" from whole company will help increasing motivation.

Incidentally, the Auto-posting part in this example is a feature that will be available since Questetra version 11.1. Please see Press Release for the details.

Questetra: Cloud BPM v11.1 supports Service-Task Addon
Add “Auto-posting to Slack” icon to your process modeling pallet!

[Quotation Creation flow: "1. Drafting Quotation" screen]

= Setting sample of Service Step, "PDF File Name Set"

= Setting sample of Service Step, "Post to sales (OpenChat)"

= Setting sample of Service Step, "Post to staff (Slack)"

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