Episode 500: Manual Input is A Must for Transfer Slip?

Monday, September 12, 2016
A Wave of Cloud computing is surging over Accounting systems, last few years.

In Japan, the start out of "Cloud service" by a long-established software company was a major impact. Specifically, "Yayoi online" entered into a marketplace formed by "MF Cloud" and "freee" in July, 2015. In these systems, functions that are oriented to medium or large enterprises have been enhanced, and these are tools not only for "Startup companies" or for "Sole proprietorship".

The most advantage of these systems is their capability of retrieving "detail data" of "bank statement" and "credit card" collectively. That is, All of the detail records are automatically fetched as sales slip and payment slip. Moreover, accounting titles that should have been entered manually by accounting staffs have been set beforehand by "automatic journal entry function". (Improvement on performance of automatic Journal entry is discernibly.)

However, it will not be so easy for such Cloud accounting systems to automate generating slips which according to human judgment.

* Indeed, regarding "not allocate to sales deeming as advance received" or "allocate to sales as account receivable", who made the judgment and when should be recorded precisely. (Deterrence of accounting fraud, internal control)

The following Business Process is an accounting Workflow related to advance received. It is a mechanism that automatically generates twelve "transfer slip data", for example, upon receiving "service fee of twelve months" in advance.

It is a flow of;
  1. Accounting staff determines as "advance received"
  2. Supervisor approves on it
  3. Bookkeeping staff registers "transfer slip data"

[Advance-received Registration]

[Advance-received Registration: "1. Judgment of Advance-received" screen]

The excellence of this flow is auto-generation of "transfer slip data".

Also, I want to focus on the points that it automatically registers in Google Spreadsheet (Auto-backup).

In fact, though "transfer slip" is data to be registered in the Workflow, it also is data to be used for the balance calculation at the end of the fiscal period. Or, it is also the data that must be used for sales registration after becoming to the next fiscal period.

In other words, by leaving all the transfer slip as "aggregation backup" in one place, it will be possible to efficiently use the data later.

Incidentally, [Service Step] add-on is used here.

This is a new feature that has been available since Questetra version 11.1. It allows Process-owners who do not have a program knowledge to set up such a complex automatic communication. It will greatly contribute to business improvement and improving productivity, of the Accounting Department.

In addition, even though a Cloud accounting system is not advertising "import functions related to transfer slip", it has "data migration function from third-party accounting software." They are the same function actually.

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