Episode473: 5 Points for Your Performance of This Month!

Monday, March 7, 2016
"Personnel evaluation" is unavoidable for a company organization .

However, "Personnel evaluation process" varies depending on each company. The "Evaluation axis", such as for example;
  • Emphasizing on Outputs?
  • Emphasizing on personal skills?
is an issue concerning with self identity of each company. In other words "Examples of other companies" cannot be nearly as a reference.
  • [Self outcome] Has outputted sufficient quality and quantity outcomes in accordance with internal rules.
  • [Organizational efficiency] Proposed a better internal rules, so that to contribute to the improvement of the internal rules.
  • [Self-ability] Always absorbing the latest knowledge related to information technology and social system.
  • [Contribution to others] Originating the latest knowledge on the information technology and social system to in-house.

Moreover, "the basic way of thinking" may differ by companies, i.e.
  • Absolute evaluation
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Absolute evaluation on primary evaluation, comparative evaluation on secondary

Also, the "frequency of evaluation implementation and the mechanism of reflecting on reward", will greatly vary depending on company size and business content.
  • Implementation of once a year
  • Implementation of once in every 3 month
  • Monthly implementation

The following Workflow is an example of personnel evaluation to be implemented monthly. An employee conducts self-evaluation (relative evaluation) for each of the evaluation axis with 0 to 5 points. In response to it, a director and an officer conducts evaluation on all personnel (relative evaluation).

[Personnel Evaluation process]

In this example, it is excellent that "Total score in consideration of the weighting of each evaluation axis" will be indicated automatically in the moment when evaluation values of 0 to 5 points for each of the evaluation axis are entered.

It can be said that "Monthly report" added with simple evaluation. (* The weighting here is "Self outcome: 8, Organizational efficiency:6, Self-ability: 4, Contribution to others: 2.)

Incidentally, it might sound rather cumbersome that conducting evaluation for the personnel, director and officer each and every month. However, diligent quantification in every month could become an opportunity to brush up on "How to evaluate?" or "How to be evaluated?". If "reflecting in remuneration" was reviewed only once a year, it may be good for discussing on looking back on 12 months of the evaluated value that was recorded by everyone, month after month.

[Personnel Evaluation process:"1. Enter Self-evaluation" screen]

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