Episode 475: Business Process that Finishes "Manga" upon Creating "Scenario"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Want to use "illustrations" and "four-panel cartoon" more frequently.

If you take advantage of the illustrations and cartoons for, such as web sites, flyers, proposal documents, etc., it would be able to convey the information intuitively. Sometimes, "one panel of illustration" could convey a lot of information than "100 lines of texts". (Seeing is believing?) In fact, illustrations and cartoons have come to be widely used also in the business for reducing the "communication loss", such as in company brochures and corporate websites. (Especially, Japan where originating the cartoon culture to all over the world, abounds with talented human resources for cartoon.)

"Cartoons" and "Four panel comics" are created, in some cases being outsourced to companies or freelancers, in other cases, by cartoonists who are directly hired in the Marketing section of an enterprise. (This business operation would also be suitable for teleworking.)

If you hire a cartoonist in your company, you should standardize the Business Process.

The following Workflow is cartoon creating flow.

When you record the deliverables according to the standard process (That is, refraining the exchange of emails), you will be able to prevent delay of delivery time as an organization, also will be able to take advantage of the past data as a team. As long as you can supply "original scenario", production process itself becomes possible to mass-produce at a cost sense of the order of 1 page 10,000-20,000 JPY. (It will be affected by its quality and motivation, of course.)

* As a matter of course, it can be also diverted to a variety of creation-based flow other than cartoons.

[Cartoon Creation flow]

By the way, "Japanese Manga" is famous for its high quality. Lots of Manga are exported to the world. And it is no longer an exaggeration to say that MANGA is a universal language.

In the first place, in Japan, food samples (Fake Food) have been arranged at the "entrance of a restaurant", and pictograms have been frequently used on "guide plate of the station". Moreover, a lot of "picture scroll" have continued to be created since more than 1000 years ago. This probably means that Japanese people have been thinking "representation that does not depend on the language" is very familiar to themselves.

Recently, a word of "Emoji", which represents pictograms, also has become a common word in the world. Thus, a presidential candidate of the United States has tweeted "Tell us in 3 emoji", an "The Oxford Dictionary" of U.K. has chosen an "Emoji of Face with Tears of Joy" as "2015 Word of the year".

I see... MANGA might be a keyword to resolve the challenges faced by Japan (Teleworking, Regional revitalization, Promotion of Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens ...).

[Cartoon Creation flow: "1. Scenario Registration" screen]

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