Chain of Request is what Workflow is for (Product Tryout with Simple Requests)

Monday, November 9, 2015
'I want to experience "Workflow", but don't know how should try it out with which business.'

Especially, it would be worrisome if you 'want to try as an organization' rather than 'trying alone'. For example, supposing if you want to put 'Daily reporting' on Workflow to achieve paperless, it is pitiful for the testing people as they must do the both of conventional manner and Cloud manner during the test period.

The following is a "General work request flow" that is often set at the time of trial for a Workflow product.
It can be used in the operations that is not "Workflow & paperless". That is, if you brought this template into operation as a Workflow, you are able to experience that throwing various requests to the member of the company. And also people on the side that has received the request can experience that "My Tasks" are accumulated gradually to the Workflow product.
  • 'Please create icons for the new product.'
  • 'I'd like a review on the created material.'
  • 'Can I ask you the data extraction from the previous ad?'

Insidentally, although this "General-purpose work request" is a workflow which has been introduced here and there, the exceelency of "General work request flow" here in this article is the indication of "Time cost" on the screen for making request.

(Even though I cannot express very well,) it makes you 'hard to ask a request' in a good sense. (You cannot make request so freely.) In other words, you will become more precise in making requests.

<Time cost> (criterion)
  • Officer: $100 /h
  • Manager: $75/h
  • Regular employee: $ 50/h
  • Part-timer: $ 25 /h

[General-purpose work request]

By the way, "General-purpose work request" will continue to be used even after various internal business processes have been brought to "Workflow & Paperless".

As an ideal story, it will be no longer used after the day when every single business operation in the company had brought to "Workflow & Paperless. However, such a day will not come so easily. Or rather, "General-purpose work request" will never become unnecessary as long as the market changes, so as the Business Process depending on it.

Anyway, I would like you to download this template, and import to your Workflow environment.

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<Press release>
Questetra: Cloud Workflow 10.4 Offers Mass-Data Combobox
= Compatible with Customer Master or Postcode List! =

[General-purpose work request: "1. Register request" screen]

[Data Items list]

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