Work-Request Flow for Recording the Actual Work Cost

Monday, November 16, 2015
"I can't see how many man-hours inside..."

"Visualization of operating costs" is an important subject in the corporate activities. Moreover, a wide variety of expression technique should be possible by the evolution of Information Processing Technology and Communication Technology of today.
  • "GPS logger", moving path can be seen (Move map)
  • "Thermography", heat distribution can be seen (Infrared thermal image)
  • "EVM graph", budget history can be seen (Completion transition graph)
* GPS: Global Positioning System, EVM: Earned Value Management

"Hmm, I want to visualize it somehow..."

However, on the other hand, how to collect the information of "Actual work time", which is essential data, would be the major challenge when you want to put "internal man-hours" as the theme.

[General-purpose work request - work cost]

In this Business Process Definition, "Visualization of actual cost" is strongly conscious.

It is a Workflow in which the requester sets the "Assumed cost", and the requestee records the "Actual cost". The transition of "Planned cost" and the "Actual cost" will be represented in a graph, by aggregating all of the Issues that flowed here in the "X-axis of date".

However, this Business Process Definition is in the assumption that workers only have to do what the "Project manager (Boss)" told to do. In other words, followers report the completion of the work orders that have come flowing, one by one. Speaking in a bit different expression, probably it is suitable for organizations which there is a "big difference" between the leader and followers in terms of skill level. *Business in Industry or Business categories which the state of so-called "Waiting for an order" are even acceptable. (See SL Theory)

By the way, this flowchart is exactly the same as the definition that I have presented the last time. Just, "Expected operating costs (numeric)" and "Actual work cost (numeric)", etc. have been added in the setting of data items.

  • PV chart: A cumulative line chart that "Expected operating costs" have been aggregated by the "Desired work completion date"
  • EV chart: A cumulative line chart that "Expected operating costs" have been aggregated by the "Work completion date"
  • AC chart: A cumulative line chart that "Actual work costs" have been aggregated by the "Work completion date".
* PV: Planned Value, EV: Earned Value, AC: Acual Cost

* Unfortunately, there is no function to display overlapping multiple "line charts of numeric items", as of ver.10.4. of Questetra BPM Suite.

Setting sample for [Input hint] of "Expected work time"(HTML/JavaScript)
<i>E.g.: 3.5(h)</i> 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
jQuery('input[name="data\\[1\\].input"]').on('keypress keyup change',function(){ 
// If the form value in Data item of "Work time" changes, 

  // Retrieve Work time 
  var laborHour = jQuery(this).val() - 0; 
  // Retrieve Hourly wage 
  var wage = jQuery("input[name='data\\[●\\].selects']:checked").val() - 0; 
  // Calculation of cost 
  var retStr = laborHour * wage; 

  jQuery('input[name="data\\[●\\].input"]').val( retStr ); 

[General-purpose work request - work cost:"1. Register request" screen]

[Data items list]

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