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Monday, July 28, 2014
  • I'm going to eliminate the waste in work!
  • I'm going to smoothen the transferring of data!

Thinking about projects such as 'Paperless' or 'Email replacement', the operation that hits my brain first and foremost is "Sales related operations".
  • Approval flow for "Estimate"
  • Sharing flow for "Orders Information"
  • Progress management for "Product Shipment"

Indeed, improvement of efficiency of those operations would directly lead to "Increase of Sales". Moreover, the improvement cycle would also be shortened because 'Issues' will be flowed almost every day.

However, for organizations that (a) experience of drawing Business flow diagram is poor and, (b) not got used to BPMS tool,,, there will be a high risk of being stuck up with such as;
  • Range of Business Process definition is too large
  • Business data items are too many
  • Configuration of Split condition is too fine
  • Lack of unification on Cautionary statements on Input form

when trying to use a "Business Process Management (BPM) tool" for (1) Defining business flows and, (2) transferring business data, actually.

It is one of the best moves that to specify the business, which is closed to internal company and with a smaller number of steps, as a pilot project, if you wanted to proceed your business process management activities (BPM activities) steadily. The following "Business Process definition" is a flow of "Expense Report (External Payment Request)", with fewer Steps. It is very significant in terms of internal control and mutual supervision, when you stop using e-mail and verbal to communicate, and let the issue data flowing through the Business Process Management system. In addition, the aggregate data will also be a very valuable business data.

[External Payment Request (except Payments made on behalf, Credit card settlement)]

[External Payment Request (except Payments made on behalf, Credit card settlement); '1. Remittance Request (Bank remittance bill has arrived / will arrive to Accounting soon)' screen]

The total amount and the timing of external payments are information that a company wishes to collect as soon as possible. This business process captures the act of actual payment. (Not including Decision making in advance, or administrative authority.)

Although in today, there is a variety of payment other than bank transfer methods existing, such as credit card payment, PayPal money transfer,etc.. In some business, it might be difficult to capture all of them. As well as in this example, the payment that does not require explicit approval has been excluded. That is, it does not capture intentionally, the settlement on payments made on behalf, or continuous payments registering the credit card number.

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