Cases that Business Data Altering is Inevitable

Monday, July 7, 2014
  1. Information which may threaten the life and property of a person.
  2. Personal information that is not necessary to be stored as business records.
  3. Descriptions which may violate the laws and regulations, such as crime notice.
  4. Description that is immoral such as indecent or obscene.
What should you do if information like above has been contained in the business data?

Although I do not want to think too much, but it's the same old story in some business, that there are Business flows which have been increased anonymity, such as "Suggestion box flow" or "whistle-blowing handling". Here, we are going to study about 'Data edit' by the privileged Users.

First of all, business data is a subject to be edited over and over, being checked by the approver or being corrected through reworking Step, until it finally reaches to the last Step. By the time the Issue reaches the [End Event], business data will be finished as a record of the company. And after that, nobody would alter.
The specification that even a privileged user cannot alter this data after completed, is applied in many Workflow products, (as well as Cloud-based workflow Questetra). Suppose if it is possible to edit later, it will be a system that allows tampering data, and there will be a problem in perspectives of "reliability of data" or "audit trail"(compliance). If you found any error in the data of the past, you should restart as a new Issue through the appropriate procedures. ([Delete] the original data, If it gives noise on aggregation)

The following Workflow is a business operation which, automatically taking in "Google Alert" (or "Analytics Alert", etc.), detecting information new content on the Internet, and taking necessary reactions. Because the information is collected mechanically, most of them will be finished with selecting 'Do not share this information'. However, there are also Issues which would include the data that should be [Data Edit] among them. In this example, it is given a postponement that can be [data editing] for privileged users. Although it is a very sober consideration, but it's excellent.

[Internet Surveillance Operation]

[Internet Surveillance Operation: '1. New Contents Confirmation' screen]

[Data Items List]

In Cloud-based Workflow Questetra, an Authorization to carry out [Data Edit] will be given to Users who have both of [Control Authorization] and [Data Viewing Authorization] which are set on each operation. However, for example, you should not alter the business data casually for reasons such as "mistaken to type". Especially, for cases of Request for Decision flow that includes the "judgment on approval ", or cases of Expense Reimbursement process with "Payment Processing", you should not leave the log of data modification. It should be re-processed from the beginning by [Reusing Data] as a new Issue.

Yet, if cases that have no choice but to allow the [Edit Data] for the reason of operational efficiency occur frequently, it is also good to let business data delivered to multiple participants in the email body, appropriately. In case when suspicion of "tampering data" occurs, it is possible to validate the data modification all the way back.

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