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Monday, September 10, 2012
'I don't need fax anymore!' (anachronism)

Yeah, that's right!
That's right, okay, but... we still need it...

Although many companies and enterprises dismiss 'FAX machine to waste paper', but they are introducing the "Internet FAX". There are various services provided in Japan such as eFax, BizFAX, D-FAX, Paperless FAX or Toones. Simply, you can save the FAX machine Price / Supplies expense / Communication expense. Needless to say, it is easy to circulars and to save.

Furthermore here, we would like to introduce a sample to efficiently process 'received FAX' (Image data).

[Internet FAX]

In this Workflow definition, it takes advantage of the function* of "Email conjunction Process Start" (Alias: Email Start). It is nothing special, a mechanism that the workflow is started automatically when an email has been received from the "Internet FAX Service". By implementing this system, you will be able to check to, "FAX that sent to the company" anytime, anywhere. Of course, it also visualizes how often, to whom , no matter what FAX, have accepted. (Data Viewer authorization required)

* Product Information - [Questetra BPM Suite], a Cloud based Workflow you can start for free.
* How to configure - To Setup Process to be "Automatic Start" at Fax Arrival

Let's take a look at specific daily operations.
First, someone in Affairs Department will process the first task [1. FAX Control]. All he or she must do is to select a flow at [Email Notice Only], judging by looking at the destination (Department name / personnel name) on the cover of the FAX which has been imaged. FAX image enclosed in the email will be sent addressed to the person in charge, as a result, the project manager or salesperson will be aware of "FAX has been sent to company" even while on the road. (End 1)

If a FAX to unknown person arrives, what shall we do?
- Walking around the office with printed FAX in the hand?
- Rather, sending the FAX to all the people in-house over mailing list?
In such a case, let it flow on "Check flow" to a person 'who looks like to be'. The person who has been certified as 'who looks like to be' would send it back as "wrong person", or would forward it to a specific person at Task [2. FAX Check]. (End 2)

Received FAX "all to be recorded electromagnetically " in itself, Well, it may not mean much. However, keeping them 'in a state of readiness to share' would surely lead to operational efficiency.

If 'receiving' is possible, how about 'sending'?
You wise readers would have easily guessed though, we are planning the next article to be on 'Sending FAX on Workflow'. The keywords are Automatic PDF generation, email attachments, image file format, the FAX address book... Stay tuned!
(Added a new article: "Transmission Reservation of Internet FAX in Workflow" Sep. 18, 2012)

[Internet FAX: "2.FAX Check" screen (Ja)]

[Setting screen(Ja) : in-bound & send]

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