Transmission Reservation of Internet FAX in Workflow

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
In the manufacturing industry and the construction industry or B2C business, FAX is still active.
Here, we would like to introduce a mechanism to automatically send FAX of the "business documents in a workflow" via the Internet. When all is said, FAX sender achieve Paperless. In addition, all FAX transmission related information such as transmission date-time and transmitting data, will be as are recorded automatically! (Easy visualization to Operational efficiency indicators as well.)

It may sound cool somehow, but calmly thinking, it is wrong that the fact that the routing of
  1. Printout by the MFP, then
  2. Scan the paper and send a FAX by the same MFP
has not been eradicated until now, in this year of 2012 which "2001: A Space Odyssey" of course is supposed to be finished even "2010: Odyssey Two".

[Internet FAX Outbound]

This Workflow (Business Process) is nothing so special. How it works is to attach 'FAX Data' (digitized file) to an email and to send it to 'Internet FAX Service'. It is really generic and simple flows. (And it provides your "Transmission Reservation" and "Reviewing request".)

For example, an interior company sending interior layout plan to their client, or a travel agency sending FAX of travel roadmap to their customers. This Workflow will be useful in various scene.

# As a matter of course, if you use Fax more often in specific work such as "sending FAX of the quotes", it should be inserted 'PDF auto-generation' and be extended as a specialized business process.

By the way, internet FAX nowadays supports office format files such as .DOC .XLS .PPT, as well as general image file as .JPG .GIF .TIFF, PDF of course.
* e.g.: Supported File Types by "eFax"
Sample of received FAX

In addition, if you stick on 'your own cover page', you could take advantage of "PDF auto-generation" function.

[Internet FAX Outbound: "1. Enter" screen]

P.S. "eFax", you can send FAX all over the world for a very small price, it is a great service.

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