Reconsidering the Email Newsletter Review Process

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Email newsletters are an automated process, but they do have to be written by people. And let's face it, people make mistakes. We could simply insist that writers "Just be more careful," or "Put their minds to it," etc., but let's be humane and consider the problem from a BPM point of view.

Double-checking is a very basic and useful method. But if senior employees are in charge of checking all drafts that come their way, it may be too much of a burden. This kind of system may result in a supervisor's tendency to "approve without actually reading."

So let's use peer reviews instead. This way the newsletter can be sent out regularly even when the boss is out for the day. It also eliminates mistakes. Of course, the boss may want to check important ones just to be sure, so we made the process model send drafts marked *important* along to the supervisor's [2b. Check] task.