How to Guarantee Daily Reports

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
You may have a "daily report" process at your office, but if it depends on each member to hand them in, they may not always be delivered due to exceptions (member went home without coming back to the office) or negligence (member just didn't do it).

And if a leader is in charge of many members, he/she may not even notice that some are not reporting. So how can we guarantee that all daily reports are submitted?

Here the process is started automatically by Timer Start Event, instead of voluntarily by each member. Every day a process automatically starts right before the day ends and creates a task for each user. Allocated tasks remain in task lists until they are completed, so this prevents forgotten or skipped daily reports, and leaders can easily find members who are neglecting the job.

Automatic starts do not take into account irregular cases (member came into work on a holiday), so we should keep the manual start, too, just in case.