Episode 517: Method of Starting up a Large Number of Workflows

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Start workflow by external trigger

In the previous article "Episode 516: Method of Starting Workflow by "Email", I wrote about Workflow triggered by" Incoming mail ". Surely, I will be asked the question that "Is there any other way to start Workflow besides email?" (I have not been asked it yet, though...)

Yes, there are!

In the case of the Cloud based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite", the APIs are provided as follows. "B1. Start Process" among them corresponds to all of HTTP / WebForm / Email. That is, it is possible to design a Workflow triggered not only by "Incoming mail" but also by "Web form input" or "Reception of HTTP request".
  • A. "Developer APIs" which Workflow system always provides (OAuth 2 / Basic)
    • A1. Operation by User (Workflow APIs)
    • A2. Operation by System administrator (System Setting APIs)
  • B. "Process Model connection API" which each business application provides
    • B1. Process start (Message Start Event) (HTTP / WebForm / Email)
    • B2. Standby in the middle of Process (Catching Message Intermediate Event) (HTTP)
    • B3. External transmission (Throwing Message Intermediate Event / Auto-step) (HTTP / Email)

Workflow to start Workflow

Even though it becomes a little "beyond the basics"... Since it has a function of "B3. External calling in the middle of Process", If you set it as follows
  1. X-Process as to "transmit HTTP request", and
  2. Y-Process as to be started by "Receiving of HTTP request",
so that connection between XY Workflows is also possible.

That is, you can realize the followings.

Well, now, In this article, I would like to think further about a method of"start multiple Issues at once" using CSV data.

[Batch starting of Telephone survey Process (Parent Process)]

[Telephone survey Process (Child Process)]

[Batch starting of Telephone survey Process:"1. Batch-starting Data Input" screen]

Is it waiting for underwriting or has the person in charge of processing determined?

Unlike the previous article "Method of starting by email", there is no step to automatically assign to somebody. That means, the job of conducting a telephone questionnaire for Company A, Company B, Company C ... ... will be lined up in [Offered] of all members of the Customer Service Department.

That is, the members of the customer service will undertake the Issue in [Offered] which no one is dealing with ([the work that remains in [Offered]), enter the questionnaire result after conducting the telephone questionnaire.

[Telephone survey Process:"1. Phone call and Fill in the results" screen]

Batch processing using master data

In this article, I thought up collective start by "customer list" and exemplified the "telephone questionnaire" work. However, besides survey-like job, "collective start work" can be considered, such as "submit update information", "provision of service", "explanation of system revision".

In addition to the "customer list", there are data such as "employee master", "product master", "inventory master" or "visitor list", "store list" and "business list", which are also possible to be used for collective starting of job.

Of course, it is nice and smart if you call "B1. Start Process" (HTTP / WebForm / Email) from the external system. But, a simple method called to "batch start by parent process" that I introduced here, you'd better keep it in your mind, also.

[Data setting screen (remote)]

["Batch starting" setting screen (local)]

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